Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall and Aaron's Birthday Surprise

Hey Everybody!
Here are some pictures of the girls playing in the leaves last week. It was so nice out last week I got most of the front yard raked. It stinks having a huge yard when it comes to raking leaves. I spent hours out there and only got a small chunk in the front done. We have a ton of leaves. Then the weather had to turn yucky and I haven't been able to get back out there. Aaron got a little part of the back yard last night but it didn't even make much of a dent. The girls had a blast playing in them though. They had me rake a big pile and they would play in it for alittle bit and then make me rake it all back up again. They were so cute and they had so much fun!

Today is Aaron's birthday. Big 31. His sister and my brother and Aaron's buddy came over some time during the night and teepeed our yard. Plus it was raining last night so it's a big wet TP messy yard. They got the front really good. THere is TP everywhere. Not alot in the trees because of the rain but it did leave remnants in the branches. THey also took Instant Mashed Potatoes and wrote 31 in the driveway and in the yard with the flakes. Poor Aaron. His sister got him last year by writing in those car markers all over all the windows on both our vehicles. She covered them with a bunch of 30's and Honk and Wave Aaron's 30 today. She got both the vehicles so that it didn't matter which one he took to work they were both covered. He's got to plan something good for her birthday this year. He didn't retaliate last year. He's got to get her this year. I'm hoping to put some pics of it up but my computer is not letting me upload pictures right now. I'll get them up as soon as it will let me.

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween and Fall

This is the third time I have sat down and started this entry. I had trouble finding my pictures that I wanted to post one time and the other the girls decided that they weren't going to take a nap for me. (Little stinkers)

We had a great time on Halloween this year. The girls are getting old enought that it was fun to watch Trick or Treat. We go to Shawna's in-laws subdivision. They have a nice little loop of a neighborhood and it is just perfect for the little ones. After the kids Trick or Treat we then go back to Shawna's in-laws house and have pizza and candy. The girls went as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat. I made their costumes and then did their hair all crazy. Hairspray, teased and then blue spray. They stood so well for me to mess with it. They actually won best costume at our MOMS group Halloween party. THey just looked so darn cute and we had such a fun time. This one came out blurry but it's a bunch of dad's that all had some type of "Adult Beverage" in their hands. While the kids went house to house. THAT is the way to take your kids Trick or Treating . :)

Here is the whole crew that went out. In the back, at the top of the steps is Tabitha in her little Navy outfit and Teaque in his Survivor gear. Next is Logan as the Cat from Catin the Hat and then Kiri as a Rocker Chick and Sadie, Thing1 and Kallie as Thing2. THen Cyndl in Army gear and Andrew as a Dirtbike rider in the front. Everybody had a great time.

I was going to add a bunch of pictures of the girls playing in the leaves but the image uploader thingy isn't working right now. GRRRR! Well enjoy the Halloween ones and I will try to get them up later.

Time to go get the girls some supper! :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Been Awhile

Hey Everybody!
I am still here and alive :) It's just been so busy with the move and then getting settled in and we don't have internet at home yet so I am using WI-Fi where ever I can. I am at the library right now. I just got done cleaning for Serendipity. I have been doing alot of cleaning for them lately. I go atleast twice a week and I did three days last week.

We are having a house warming party on June 14th if any of you peeps want to come. I am going to be sending out invites this weekend. I am not sure yet about the time exactly but it'll probably be about 6ish. We are going to grill and then have a bonfire and Aunt Patti and Uncle Terri are bringing fireworks. :) They made a trip to Indiana for the party fireworks, so they'll be great.

I am going to post some house pictures here soon. I know I said I would do it already but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I still have to upload a bunch to the computer first.

The girls are doing great. I think that I have finally gotten them healthy again. They both had runny noses and counghs. I was sick all last week with severe headaches and runny nose and I am feeling alittle bit better. The headaches aren't as severe so far this week so hopefully I am getting over whatever nasty bug I had.

I am so glad that the weather is warming up. It is starting to almost feel like summer. I can finally let the girls outside to play and not have to worry about them getting colds and getting sick. They love to be outside, esp.Sadie. I can't ever get her back inside. :) She loves to take tractor rides through the woods and anywhere.

Well, I gotta jet, gotta go releave my sitter.
Love yas!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rainy Nights and Quiet Thoughts

This was from a letter I just got done writing to an old friend and I love the way I started it and it pretty much summed up about life right now. I am to lazy right now to write a whole new entry right now. So I cheated and just put my letter here instead. :) I hope you enjoy!

It's really rainy hard outside tonight. I can hear the splashes from the puddles as the cars drive
by. The girls are tucked cozily in bed for the night and Aaron is out at the new house working. It's only me and the sound of the keys as I type, the running of water from the filter on the fish tank, and occasionally a song I pick randomly from my playlist. I am actually feeling pretty relaxed after the hectic day I had. I can actually breathe without any sniffles at the moment and there is only a slight headache tonight. The headache is telling me that I should probably be in bed instead of sitting on the couch writing this chapter of my life to you, my friends.

Wow not bad for someone whose not a writter. Don't ya think?! ;) lol I coudn't help it with all this talk of chapters I felt that I should beging this one as if I was writing a book. THat was kinda fun maybe I should start all me letters (chapters) to you that way from now on. :) I also decided that it was the fifth chapter just because five is my favorite number, being the fifth child and all. My dad used to say " Number 5 alive!" from the Short Circut movie, when I would finally crawl out of bed on Saturday mornings. :) My mom actually found the movie on dvd and bought it for me. Everytime I watch it I think of my dad. Isn't it funny how certain songs and movies remind you of things? Like everytime I hear the song "7 Nation Army" by the White Stripes I think of "shovel" dancing while camping with my friend Jen. (It's pole dancing just with a shovel. :) lol And the song "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias I think of slow dancing for the first time while at MSU for a 4H thingy. Songs and movies can bring back good memories and sometimes bad but it's always nice to remember.

Today was a hectic day. I watched Shevaun's two boys Ehan who will be 7 tomorrow, and Zander who is 6 weeks older than Sadie. Ehan was pretty good considering the fact that he is majorly ADHD. Zander was the naughty one. He kept fighting with the girls. Kallie doesn't like it when Zander plays with her toys so she always has to try and take them away. :) But he was the one trying to steal toys today. My sister-in-law came over to bake some cookies since her oven is broken and I ran out to get diapers :) and then had to hurry home to make supper so I could eat before I had to go to Emily's. I was late, again, tonight getting to Emily's. I normally try to be there at 6:00 and then I'm usally done by 8:00. Lindsay (sis-in-law) stayed and watched the girls cause Aaron was out at the new house. I got home and Linds had them all ready for bed so at 9:00 I put them to bed and luckily Kallie didn't throw her normal screaming fit. I put in a new Veggie Tale cd in for her so I think that helped her not throw a fit. And now I am just relaxing and writing to you. It's really nice to find some quiet time. Doesn't happen often around here. :)

Yup Shane is really 6"11. I'll have to add a picture of him and Tanya (his girl) on my pictures since I have no idea how to add pictures to this. I know you can I just have no idea how to do it. I think I have a family picture on here too. YOu'll have to check that out too if you haven't already checked them out. I am around 5'10-11" . I remember always making sure I didn't wear heels when we were together.:) I hated being way taller than everybody. NOw I am pretty much the shortest in the family. :) Bryn is now taller than me. lol I just have Kiri and Teaque to go before I am officially the shortest besides Kenan. I love it though. I have started wearing heels alot lately. Aaron is 6'4" so even with heels I am still shorter. It's really nice, I love buying all these cute heels. :) Aaron's not a fan of how my shoe collection is growing :)

( My friend wants to be a chef, if you can't figure that out from this little blurb, and he offered to send me his menu) I would love to see your menu and stuff. I really hope that you one day get to own your own kitchen. You still have many years ahead of you to reach that goal. ( He also is pretty bufff, and dedicated in fitness and nutrition) I am so impressed how dedicatied you are to your working out and your nutrition. I think about working out all the time I just never get around to it. I have a really fun work out video but it kills me when I do it so I hardly do it. I know that if I stay dedicated to it for more than a week it won't kill me but my motivation sucks. I do so good for about a week and then I feel awful cause everyhting hurts and then I just don't do it again. I take the girls for lots of walks in the summer adn the goal for this summer was to rollerblade from the apartment to the end of the pier but now that we are moving even further away I'll just have to come and park over here and then do it. The apartment is in Spring Lake right after St.Mary's Church, so I would have to rollerblade over the bridge and then down to the end of the pier and back. I walked the boardwalk acouple times last year with the girls. I absolutley love it down there and I think that that is what I would miss if I ever moved far away from Grand Haven. I love going down to the pier at night and watch the sun setting over the lake. So gorgeous.

I also love the music at Mars. My favorite part of Sunday mornings is the worship with the singing and praising. If you go to you can hear the songs get the lyrics and even by cds we made during some of the worship times. It's awesome. Dad just volunteers in the Baby area Sunday mornings, he is still doing the crane thing. He just impresses me with all that he does at his age. I know that he's not THAT old but looking at some other dads his age he really has no medical or physical problems that some of the other dads have. He actually went to Rowanda, Africa last September for two weeks with a group from church. He is hoping to be able to go again this year. :) Tabitha is actually in Mississippi right now with a group from church helping with the Katrinia relief. I hope she is having a most amazing time. I have some wongerful memories from when I went to Atlanta on my missions trip with church. Things like that are something that will never leave you and have you craving to do more.
Definitely not 10 kids for me. :) But as to being able to pick the sex, since I already have 2 girls I would definitely want to have a boy. We found out Kallie's sex when I was pergnant with her and I loved knowing I was having a girl and being able to get her room already for her. With Sadie I switched doctors and only had one ultrsound and we didn't know and it drove me crazy! Especially since the girls are only 14 months apart that I wanted a girl so badly. I was stressing about not knowing all 9 months. It was such a relief when they said "It's a girl". I don't really have to worry about boys or girls for awhile though, I am so not planning on having another kids for acouple years. I have my hands full as is right now. :)
Well, I better end this chapter here. This could probably make 2 chapters with all that I wrote tonight. :) I seem to have a way with going on and on. I'm glad that you don't mind. :)
Take care, until the next chapter.Kayt

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Beginnings

Well, I was going to add pictures to this post of the house and I uploaded my pictures, or I thought that they did. Then I deleted my memory card since it was full. Well, the pictures didn't upload and now they are gone. :( I lost all the ones of the house and from Easter and from bowling with Shane, James, Jason, and Tanya! :( It was not a good day. Things are going alittle better now. Still busy as ever and I've got a cold. BLAH The joys of life. :) No I gotta finish the girl's lunch and then we are off the the new house for alittle while.

Today was the start of new beginnings for Aaron and I. We signed the papers and handed over money for a house. Aaron's been out at the house since we got the keys today. It needs some TLC and lots of grunt work. I am so overwhelmed with all the choices that have to be made. Carpet,paint,cabinets,countertops,etc... What matches with what and what looks good together. That's all I've been doing for the last three days. Aaron's parents have helped us out so much with everything for the house. Aaron's mom and I went on Wednesday to Walmart and HOme Depot looking at paints and then we met Aaron and went out to the house and measured and tried to get ideas of what needed to be done. Kallie just loved it! All that open space to run around. There are even acouple Little Tikes toys that were left out at the house and those were the first things Kallie went to when she got out of the van. She was having a blast.

Thursday we went and looked at cabinets and found some at the Habitat resale store in North Muskegon and then lunch. Then on Friday I planned on staying home and Kathy ended up calling and we went to Menards, Home Depot and Lowes to look at countertops. Today after we got the keys Aaron and I went to Menards to look at steel doors for the front of the house and then to the flooring store. It has been soo crazy!!! I just need a breather.

Art and Aaron are out there right now measuring and getting ready to put up a wall in the living room for the girl's bedroom. Right now the house is a two bedroom manufacured home on a walk out basement on 6 acres. There are no stairs to get to the basement right now so you have to go out of the house and around to get to the basement. Once the ground thaws out more we are going to put stairs in so we can have Logans room and room for the kids to hang out down there. Aaron wants to be within a couple weeks. There is alot to do in that time.

Logan is sooooooooooo excited!!!! He is going to have alot more room to run and Aaron's mom is right next door threw the woods. Our properties butt up against each other. He can't wait until we move out there. He wants to move tomorrow. :)

Here are acouple pictures of the house.

I went last Saturday and got my new tattoo. I have been waiting along time to get this one. We finally had some extra cash were I could go and get it done. I got the Chinese symbol for family done on the inside of my left wrist. It hurt SO bad!!! Luckily it took less than a half hour. I didn't cry though . :) Despite the excruciating pain. I got the tattoo done there on my wrist for a reason. You slit your wrists you die and to me if you cut off my family, I am dead. My family means everything to me and I would do anything for them. My next tattoo is going to be two little bumblee bees in pink and purple with a K in the pink bees wing and an S in the purple bees wing for my girls. I think I am going to get them on my shoulderblade but it'll be awhile before I get those. I have to find just right the bumblee bees.

Time to get back to my hectic life. I have to finish putting clean clothes away and do the dishes and now the girls are up. :) What a lovely life I live. :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Very Busy Week

Cutie Little Kayla

We have hade such a busy week so far this week and the busy isn't going to stop anytime soon.
Wednesday morning Aaron, Kallie, and I went to Grand Rapids for the Oral Cleft Clinic for Kallie. The clinic has a bunch of different doctors and specialist that you go and talk to and they look at Kallies cleft and see how it is looking as she grows. There is a nutriotionist, speech, audiology, pschologist, social worker, geneoligist, orthodontist, plastic surgeon and a couple others. They all pretty much said everything is going great ang looking good. Developmental wise she is pretty much were a 2 1/2 year old should be. Except the plastic surgeon was alittle concerned about her profile of her face is very flat, her forehead and nose are very flat in comparison with her face and her head is still measuring small compared to her size. So he said they might want to do some scans and x-rays in the years to see if there is anything wrong. He also wants us to meet with a genetisits (sp?)(genetics dr.) to see if there is something tweeked in her genes somewhere which could be the cause of the cleft and this face thing. Also she is missing her friont tooth were her cleft is. She has alittle indent on her gum and the tooth hasn't come in yet. The orthodontist said that it may not ever come in and it might come in and it might come in twice. You just don't know. Her upper jaw is also back further than her lower jaw and they said that they would have to fix that also. First by trying some hardware in her mouth to try and push it forward or they would have to go and and do surgery. That they won't start until she's anywhere between 6 and 9. They do want her to start seeing a dentist now to get her used to going because she's going to have alot done in that mouth in years to come. My poor baby, :( my heart just aches thinking about all that will have to be done with her. Atleast I have years to wait before anything is done.
Here are acouple pics of my girl. Before surgery, her missing tooth and the dent and lip now. If you look closely you can see the zig-zag of the scar.

The puppies are now three weeks old. They are getting so big! They have their eyes open and they are trying so hard to get up and "walk". We finally named them all. Teaque and Kiri hepled. We have 2 males, Oddball(2nd from left) who is chocolate colored like Chloe, and Simba (4th) who is a cream. The females are Nala(6th) who is a cream and Keyatcho(3rd) who is the biggest puppy and then Coconut(1st) who is the tan colored one. She has the cutest white tip on her tail. Thay are just so cute!!!!

Jimmy James is home!!!! Yeah! He is home on Spring Break until Sunday. He was home on Tuesday. He came over last night for a little bit and he's over right now playing Wii with Kiri. It is nice to have him home even for alittle while. He is looking really good too. He is putting on weight and really starting to beef up. He looks so much better than when he left for SBU (Southwest Baptist College in MO). He read the girls their bedtime stroy last night. :) It was soo cute. The girls just love their Uncle Jimmy!!

Saturday is going to be the busiest day of all this week. Aaron has to work until 1, Emily is getting picked up at around noon, Logan is doing the Walk for Water ( with Mars at 11-2 at a park in Zeeland. He's going to spend the night at Grampa & Grama T's and go with Teaque, Kiri, and Granpa. Aaron and I have a meeting with a realtor @ 2 to hopefully work something out to buy this house in Nunica that we've been looking at and then to Holland by 6 so I can get my tattoo done. What a busy day!!!!! I am going to be soo pooped by the end of the day. Then Sunday is Easter with church and egg hunts and all that fun Easter stuff!!!!

I probably won't update again until after Easter so HAPPY EASTER ALL!!!! HE IS RISEN!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

Man, does it feel like it should be Friday today! The girls and I went to a playgroup this morning. We went to a MOMS group meeting yesterday I joined the group. MOMS stands for Moms Offering Moms Support. It's a national group that has chapters everywhere and they have LOTS of activities and stuff the do. I think there are about 48 members in this chapter which is the Fruitport,Grand Haven, Spring Lake and up to North Muskegon group. The play group we went to this morning was with this MOMS group. It was really nice. There were 4 other moms there besides me. They say there are normally alot more people. It was perfect for today though. The girls had lots of fun running around and playing with everything. It was also really nice for me to ge to know some other moms. Tomorrow night they have a MOMS Night Out. Once a month they have something for just the moms to do. I'm not sure if I can make it tomorrow since I have Heather this weekend. It would be really nice to go though. Aaron is also going to a Fury Hockey game with the boys tomorrow so there is no way I can make it. There is always next month. I got the calander for the MOMS group and there is almost something everyday. It'll be nice to get out more with the girls and just for me to get out. :)

Monday Aaron only worked for 2 hours! Work is going really slow and he was home alot last week and this week. Luckily he has been able to work with his dad, so that helps out financially. They officialy laid him off on Tuesday and hopefully it will only be a couple weeks. He worked with his dad today until 2:30. On Monday when Aaron got home we all went out and I got a new cell phone. My old one was over 2 years old and falling apart. After I got my phone we went to the mall and let the girls play in the play area and run off some steam. :) We had a really good day. Despite being laid off Aaron has been in a really good mood lately. It's been really nice. There have been no arguments or any bickering, just lots of loving. :P He's watching some John Wayne movie now. : ) The Netflixs movies just showed up today and he brought them in and popped it in to watch. He just LOVES those old movies. :)

Logan's mom gets out of jail tomorrow and he'll probably see her on Saturday for alittle bit. Aaron will bring him over so he can talk to Micah. We've decided that he won't have any overnights with her for awhile and Logan is okay with that. Pray for us all though, we really don't know how Logan will start acting once he gets some time with his mom. It could become very interesting. Hopefully he will handle everything okay, but it is alot for a ten year old to handle. He is going to counseling and doing great. His counslelor says he is doing great and doesn't need to go a whole lot longer. He will just need it to get him through the next couple weeks.

Time to start supper. Logan has running and wrestling tonight and I have to go to work. Tuesdays and Thursdays are our busy nights. :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hump Day

I have a house full of munchkins today. Jacinda didn't have school today and Logan had a half day. I also had to pick Alex up after I got Logan 'cause he didn't have school today either and I guess Corrie ( his mom) had to work. So I had six munchkins running around today. Definitely a full house.

WE had Logans school conference Monday. He's starting to slack so we have to give him a swift kick in the pants to get his poop in a group again. He even asked his teacher if he could copy off someone else's paper!!!! His teacher said that if he has enough gumption to ask me to copy off someones paper he can definitely do it himself. Aaron and I totally agree. We are definitely dealing with him slacking at home to. We are really trying to work with him to have him do stuff his self. That Dad and I aren't going to do it for him. We even told his Grandma Teddy to make him do stuff himself. She is really bad about doing stuff for him. So it's a total retraining with him. So far he hasn't done to bad these last couple days. WE just have to stay on top of him and remind him. He has another half day tomorrow and then no school on Friday. If the weather is not bad he's going to go to work with Grampa Blair. Blair hauls scrap metal from junkyards to scrapyards with a semi. Logan loves riding in the semi and going to the scrapyards. So he's hoping for good weather cause he really wants to go.

Logan also had a school music concert Monday night. He did a really great job and played his recorder great. :) Aaron got a kick out of how young I am compared to all the other 4th grade mom's. I'm atleast 7-10 years younger than all the other moms. If Logan was to have been my child, I would have been 13 when I had him!!! Logan and Aaron joke about how all Logan's buddies are going to want to come over to Logan's house because his mom's hot. :P Those boys crack me up!!

We also learned some new information regarding Logan's mom Monday night and that threw us for a loop. It was the real reason why she is in jail. Come to find out Gramma Teddy had lied to us. So then we had to figure out how much do we tell Logan. I called and talked to Logan's counselor to figure out how much we should tell him, because the real reason behind Micah's jail time was way more serious that what we were told. Logan's counselor suggest we just tell him the truth and be honest with the kid and let him feel the situation out. Micah is also getting out on the 14th so then we had to figure out visitation details. Man, what a mess!!! If Teddy had been honest with us in the first place we wouldn't have had this mess. We asked Logan how he felt about everything and the thing he was upset about the most was Gramma Teddy lieing to him. I just feel bad for Logan having to deal with all this at such a young age. Such alot of emotional stuff for a ten year old to deal with. We keep telling Logan that we are always going to there for him. We are not going to go anywhere and that we love him. We try to keep reassuring him that we aren't ever going to leave him. Micah has been in and out of Logan's entire life and will probably continue on that path. Logan and I joke about a comment that was said on the tv show REBA. Jake tells Reba that he is never going to leave her. Not even when he's dead. He's going to be creamated and put in a jar next to her bed that way she can see him every morning when she wakes up. :) Logan and I joked that that's what we are going to do to Aaron and that he's going to be next to Logans bed. :) So far Logan is doing okay with what we told him. He said to me this morning before he left for school, " I'm never going to forget what you and dad told me last night. " I guess we just wait and see how things go when Micah gets out. We told him that he could see her and spend time with her but no sleepovers for now and he understood. He was okay with that.

Time to get some stuff done before I gotta make supper! Toodles!

Friday, February 29, 2008

What's in a name?!

Have you ever thought about your name? The meaning of it or the story behind it? Aaron and Logan were talking the other night and somehow got on the subject of middle names and Aaron asked Logan if he knew what my middle name was. Logan said,"Kaytlyn Tiemeyer Haase". :) It was cute. Then Aaron told him that it is Bobbi and Logan thought that that was pretty funny. That my middle name was a 'boys' name. So I shared with him the story behind my middle name. I was born on the 29th of December, so over Christmas all the relatives were over. My Aunt Pam has this real southern accent and was calling everyone by their name and then would add on Bob. So it was Kenan Bob, Jason Bob, Shawna Bob, and Shevaun Bob. Mom said she did that the whole time she was over. So when it was time to name me instead of just Kaytlyn Bob they named me Kaytlyn Bobbi. My first name they got from a tv show, Kitty Hawk or Airhawk or something like that.
My name also is a Modern phonetic form of the Irish name Caitlin from Catherine meaning pure. I searched on some baby name websites and nothing comes up for my spelling but if you just change the first y to an i then you get it on everysite. I love the way my name is spelled.

The girls names don't really have a story to why we picked them besides the fact that we liked them. Their middle names have more of a meaning. Kallie's is Maree after my sister Shawna's and Sadie's is Beth after my mom's.
Kallie's name is a variation of Kalila from the Arab which means "beloved." Or it may be a variant spelling of Kaile from the Hebrew, which means "a crown, a laurel."
Sadie's name is a diminutive of Sarah: princess; or Mercedes: mercy. I actually liked the name Mercedes for Sadie but Aaron said it sounded to much like a stripper name so I decided on Sadie.
Here is the website that I found some of the name meanings Logan and I went on it awhile back and just typed in everybodys name we could think of. We had a great time and he really loved finding out the meaning of his name and he can still tell you if you ask him.


Chloe finally had her puppies yesterday. She had 5 puppies!! 5 is alot for a little chihuahua. Normally they have about 3. The last litter Chloe had 3 years ago, she had 6 puppies. Poor girl! She did wonderful though. She is such a good momma. She had her first at 1:20 and the last at 4:40. The first two are a cream colored and then a chocolate one and a lt. brown and then another cream. They are so adorable!! They make this cute little noise when they cry, except for at three in the morning. Chloe had the pups in Aaron and my bedroom on my side of the bed. That's where she normally sleeps. We had her nesting box all set up in a little nook in the living room but she decided differently. I moved the box so I wouldn't have a mess in my blankets. :) The first one got it's head stuck coming out so I had to assist alittle. I was so afraid that I had waited to long that this puppy would die. It didn't and it's such a cutie. The rest all came quick and easy. Not sure on the sex of all the pups, Chloe has been a very protective momma. We do know that the chocolate one is a male and one of the cream pups is a female. All the cream ones look alike so I'm not sure if I've checked the same one each time. :) They are really all adorable!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Monday

The weekends go by to fast. I need a day to sleep in. I didn't get to sleep in this weekend. Saturday I had to go clean @ 9 at Serendipity. When I got there and got to the suite to clean a guy in his late teens told me that his mom said that they were staying until Monday. I didn't know what to do so I went back to the office and tried to figure out what to do since the owner was on vacation. I remember her saying that someone was to move in that afternoon. So I ended up calling her on her cell. While I was dialing I noticed her itinerary on the desk and that she was in Hawaii!! I left her a message and headed home. She called me back at around 11 and said that she was getting a hold of her brother to go over to the suite and make sure that these people were on their way out. She said she gave them until nidnight on Friday to get out. So I headed back over at 11:30 to meet her brother to make sure that they were on their way out. Sure enough they were getting stuff out. I started cleaning one of the rooms they had empty and it took them almost and hour to finally get everything out. I was there until quarter after 3:00. I felt so bad for Shelia (the owner) having to deal with this while she supposed to be on vacation. Poor lady. Hopefully she will enjoy the rest of her vacation.

Friday night Shane and Cyndl did come over and crash. Tanya, Shane's girlfriend, was over for awhile to. That was fun. She is such a sweet girl. I had only met her once before since I am never at my parents and I've only made it to one of Shane's games. They are so cute together too. Shane is 6'10 and Tanya's head comes up to his armpit. :) They are so cute.

Kallie and I made it to church Sunday morning. Sadie is getting sick again and she was up until almost 3am! She went down at 9:30 which is usual. She got up at midnight when I went to bed and she just wouldn't go back down. When Aaron got home at 1am from working on the Tahoe, he took Sadie out into the living room to see if he could settle her down. I so debated on going to church because I hadn't gotten alot of sleep. I layed in bed trying to make up my mind and then decided to go since I was already up try to decided whether or not to go. :P I just Kallie and let Sadie sleep in with daddy. Church was great as always. Rob was back and great as always.

The rest of Sunday we just kinda chilled. I ran out to the mall to try on some jeans since mine are getting to big!! Don't ya just love it when your clothes are too big!! :) So I went to GAP, I love their jeans I just don't buy them there. :) I can't rightfully, spend $60.00 on a new pair of jeans! I buy them online for way cheaper! I just went to size and make sure I bought ones that would fit and I went down a pants size!! Yeah!!! I can't ever remember ever wearing this size. It was so nice!! NOw I have to wait for acouple extra bucks and buy some new jeans!! :) I need to buy Kallie new jeans to, hers are getting to short! She is getting so tall! When can't keep anything on the island cause she can reach pretty much everything on it! So tall and such a skinny butt! I can't wait for summer when she's in shorts and capri's and I won't have to worry about length. :) I just can't wait for warm weather period!

NO puppies yet! Chloe's milk has come in so we know it's any day now. I'm watching her close for signs. When she starts to have to pups I have to call Aunt Sharon ( Logan's Grandma Teddy's best friend). She wants to be here, as long as it's not in the middle of the night. Poor Chloe has to be miserable, she's so big! Hopefully she'll have then soon, for her sake.

Time to do some cleaning,yay. :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Feelin' Refreshed

The girls are napping, the sun is shining, Shane & Shane is playin', just got out of the shower, and life is feeling good. :) I just love Shane & Shane. Their music is so refreshing and so powerful. I can't help but feel good and know that God is good. Their song 'In You' is playing. What a powerful song. " In You I find my rest.In You I find my death.In You I find my all & my emptiness.Somehow it all makes sense."

In You
by Shane Barnard

I sign for joy and my remorse.
A well within prosperity's curse.
That drowns the mighty oak of pride but feeds the root of God inside.

In You I find my rest.
In You I find my death.
In You I find my all & my emptiness.
Somehow it all makes sense.

In You I'm rich when I've been made poor.
Comfort found when I mourn.
The prideful one, You see from afar.
Drawing near to low, broken hearts.

In You I find my rest.
In You I find my death.
In You I find my all & my emptiness.
Somehow it all makes sense.
In You

Only with Christ does it somehow all make sense. I just love their lyrics. Nothing fancy, just to the point and they are so powerful that way. I just love their music.

Last night I was sitting in the recliner reading, after the kids had gone to bed, and Chloe came and snuggled by me. She is getting SO big!! She is having puppies here in a week or two. Poor little girl gets so big. When she was sitting by me I wrapped one of my hands snug around her tummy and held her and I could feel the puppies moving. That is such an amazing feeling. Feeling those little pups in there reminded me of being pregnant with the girls. Feeling them move and grow inside me. I think that is my favorite part of being pregnant. Even at the end of the 9 months and you feel like they are going to kick their little feet right out of you. Or when they stretch those arms all the way across your tummy. It is such an indescirbeable(sp?) feeling. Aaron says he's done having kids but I think I might want one more, in acouple years though. I am so not ready for another baby now. I am looking forward to a summer of not being pregnant or just having had a baby. Maybe in acouple years, you never know what God has planned for us. Just as it says in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." That is one of my favorite verses and it is so true. I also love Matthew 6:13 "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." I have trouble with that one. I worry about stuff all the time. Especially money, I am trying so hard to live by that one. Chloe & her boyfriend Squirt.

Another weekend is here and it's another full one. We have Alex again this weekend (we did back to back because Corrie,his mom, wanted to swap weekends). We also have Emily until Logan is going over to his Grandma Teddy's for overnight tonight. So the house won't be that crowded. :) We make it work though. Aaron has to work for his dad tomorrow morning which is a usual Saturday thing and I got called to clean tomorrow morning for Serendipity Resorts. ( I just have one suite to clean so it won't take me that long. Cyndl is going to come and watch the munchkins for me. I think Shane and Cyndl are crashing over tonight also. Shane wants to go ice fishing in the morning and that way they don't have to drive over in the morning. Shane used to crash over all the time until he started High School. Now he's a busy boy with basketball. Hey check out this link. It is an article that was in the GR Press about my bros' (
So those are my weekend plans so far. Nothing major so far. The weather is looking like it will be nice so I am hoping to take the girls outside to play. Let Kallie go sledding in the back. The drive to church should be good this week. No snow!!

Time to get some other stuff done on the net. Books to put on hold and mommy and web pages to cruise. :)

Kallie being a big "helper" and feeding Sadie her yogurt.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yay for Sunny Days

I am so glad that the sun is finally out. It just makes everything seem better. I am so much happier and enjoy my days more when the sun is out. I am ready for warmer weather too. This crazy 0 degrees is not for me. I am so ready to be able to take the girls out for walks. I need the excersice to. To many days of just being indoors. When it's warm out I try to take the girls out for a walk everyday. I just got a jogger stroller at the end of the summer last year and it makes our walks so much nicer. My goal this summer is to rollerblade to the pier and back. I made that goal last summer but I didn't get a pair of blades until the end of the summer along with my stroller. I'm going to make sure that I do it this summer. I just love the waterfront in GH. I used to work done on the channel across from Dewey Hill and got to watch all the gorgeous sunsets and the musical fountain about a billion times. :) I walked the boardwalk acouple times last year with the girls. Kallie just loves all the boats.

This weekend was an okay weekend. I spent alot of time at my parents. I had to go over Friday night and switch vehicles so mom and the girls could take my van. We didn't get there until about 8 and then didn't get home until 11. That was a long night. WE had Alex this weekend so he really enjoyed playing with Uncle Teaque. :) Logan loves to call him that even though Logan is older. :) We headed back to Borculo Saturday morning so Cyndl could watch the munchkins so I could take Logan to his Total Trek Quest kickoff ( boys version of Girls on the Run). Then we just hung out for most of the day. Came home did some cleaning, Aaron and I got into a fight.ugh All's better now but it really sucked.

Sunday morning the girls and I headed off to church. It was quite the drive with a nasty rainy/slushey crap. WE made it safely. Chruch was good. Rob was out of town so we had Kent Dobnson. He taught on Phil. 1:15-18. Where Paul is in jail and he talks about those preaching Christ out of selfish motive. And he says " But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, Christ is preached. " Kent said he was already to bash the televangalives( I don't think I spelled that right) but then he read " But what does it matter?" It was really great. It is so nice to finally get back to church more regularly. It feels so right.

So far this week hasn't been to shabby. I didn't have Zander on Monday so that was nice. I had to go to Emily's at night when all the yuck was happenin outside. I ended up getting stuck in their driveway and Pete had to tow me out. My first tow/stuck for the year. I got stuck pulling out of their driveway last year with my Stratus. I had the van Mon. night too. I normally take the Tahoe out there cause you never know how their drive is going to be but the Tahoe was in the shop. It needs a new transfer case. UGH Luckily it happened on one of the job sites when Aaron was working for his dad so his dad is paying to get it fixed but it's taking awhile.

WE had a snow day on Tuesday so I had a houseful. I had Logan, Jacinda, Zander and the girls. It really didn't go to bad just a full house. Back to school yesterday. So it's just back to me and the munchkins. Today has been hectic from the start. Emily came over last night and is staying until Monday morning. So i had to get here off to school along with Logan and Jacinda. Kallie decided that she was going to get up early also along with Zander. Sadie slept in alittle. But Zander has been so whiney this morning and they are all just trashing the house. I get soo tired of cleaning!!!!! I am so tempted to just leave it all but I can't stand that either! AHH I can't seem to win. Sadie won't leave Chloe alone today. Poor Chloe is having puppies here in a couple weeks and is getting so big she just wants to be left alone. Aaron set up her nesting box last night and Sadie insists on playing with it. GRRR I need to go out and buy acouple baby gates. So that has been how may day has gone so far. Hopefully it will get better. Logan won't be home from school until late. He has his first Total Trek Quest meeting today and then he'll be home for about 2 hours and head off back to school from wrestling. He will be one pooped out kids when he gets home tonight.

Time to go and think about lunch for the munchkins. Once I get them eating I can actually pick up alittle. :) And then when they are done eating they will trash it all over again.:) Never ending battle. They are all playing nice right now. Kallie is sitting on the coffeetable watching Doodlebops. :) Her favorite.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everybody!

These are the pics the girls did the other day. I love how they turned out!

No major plans for us today. I have to take Logan to a Drs. appointment at 4:30 and work tonight at Emilys. That's my big V-Day plans. So exciting I know. :) I'm hoping I can talk Aaron into going out for dinner sometime this weekend. I've got Emily only overnight on Friday. Pam'll pick her up sometime on Sat. I'm also planning on going to church on Sunday morning. I didn't get to go last week because I had Emily and Heather (my other respite) Sunday morning and the weather was really nasty.

I've really been doing better at getting to church lately. More than I have all summer. Summers are a little harder for me to get there because of all the respite I do but I've learned now that if I want to go I just leave them with Aaron and take the girls with me. The girls love to go. Sadie is in Grampy Tiemeyer class in Baby Bay and Kallie just loves playing with all the kids in her class. Some weeks she doesn't want to leave her class. I love that.

WE go to Mars Hill which is about a 30-45 min drive from home so it takes us alittle more effort to get there. It is so worth the drive though! I am really loving going again. It's what I need.

I would really love to find a bible study group or even a mom's group around here that I can get into. I need some more adult contact besides Aaron and Pam. It needs to be in the mornings or early afternoons because my evenings is when I care for Emily. I'm gonna get on Mar's website when I am done here and see if I can find something.

Yeah, we actually had sun yesterday!!!! It was so nice. A really nice change from all the cloudy,snowy days. I went and took pics. of the yard yesterday to show you how much snow we've gotten. I don't ever remember the snowpiles in the back going all the way across or that high in the years since we've lived here. The kids really love all the piles in the back to sled down. Kallie just loves it!!! Aaron took her out last Friday night with Alex and we couldn't get her back inside. She loved it!!! She's going to be my little snow bunny. :) Grammy Kathy was talking about teaching her how to ski in a year or two. Maybe she can have a ski partner now that Logan is old enough to snowboard that's all he wants to do. Grammy Kathy has been taking Logan the last couple year out skiing. Getting him lessons and equipment. I guess that skiing is something that Grammy Kathy will be doing with the girls also.

THe girls and Aaron's boys are the only grankids for Aaron's mom (Grammy Kathy) and that's why she likes to do lots of stuff with them and taking them skiing and that sort of thing. Kallie just loves her. She's getting old enough now that she'll take little trips just her and Grammy. They went out for lunch and shopping one day. I love seeing Kallie getting all excited to see her Gramma's. Even seeing my parents on Sunday and when I get over to their house. I love that my kids can do all this stuff with their Granparents. My grandparents weren't around that much. My mom's parents did the snowbird thing and we got to see them atleast once in the summer before they left. I remember going to Sany Pines and swimming and going on Grandpa's boat. My dad's parents lived in Florida but they would come up and visit in the summer. We saw them more. They always had King Peppermints or Lemon Drops in a tin in their car. It was always a treat to go out to the car and get one. I remember my grandpa would always call us silly names and if we were being naughty he would give us the death grip on our arm. He also loved to read and I remeber these old gold covered book set that we had and whenever they were over he would read them. He also smelled like stale ciggarettes and BO. :) What a thing to remember. He's been gone for 10? or so years now. But I remember those little things about him. My mom's mom has been gone a year? now and the things I remember about her is the way she was always tan and her hair was always dyed. I rememer her smile too. My mom's dad is still alive and in Flordia but not doing very well. I already told Aaron that when he passes I want to be at the funeral. I remember him calling my brothers Oswald. All of the boys were Oswald. :) He would always ask the boys about sports and how they were doing. My dad's mom is also still here and still going strong. She now lives closer to us and we see her alittle more now but she is gone alot too. She loves to do alot of mission stuff. Wow, I didn't realize how long this was getting. Once the memories started they just kept coming.

Time to pickup the house, again, and get ready for Logan to get home.

Have a Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The First Rambling

I've tried boggin before and I just couldn't seem to keep up with it. Hopefully I will do better here. :) That way all of you guys can keep up on my life and the way the girls are growing and changing. So here it is the first of hopefully many ramblings. :)

I can't believe that it is only Tuesday. It seems like it should be so much further into the week. Probably with all these snow days and everything I am just so off. Logan didn't have a snowday yesterday. Every other school in the area except for Spring Lake and Grand Haven. I couldn't believe it. I had Emily since last Thursday and she had a snow day so she just hung out for one more night. Aaron took over his dad's buisness for the past week and a half, since he's been out of town, and last night he got a service call he had to go do after he got out of his job. He didn't get home until 7:00pm. Poor guy.

Today's been a pretty good day so far. I got Logan up and off to school on time , he sure can putz around in the mornings! Man, most days I have to give him a swift kick in the pants to get moving. :) Grammy Kathy came over at quarter to 10 so Kallie and I could go to Toddler Time at the library and she watched Sadie and Zander for me.

Toddler Time's theme this week was Hearts for You and they read Valentine theme books and then she made a Heart guy. A heart with accordian legs and arms. They have everything cut out and you just have to put them all together. Kal's turned out cute. His eyes are close to the bottom and she drew a bunch a squigglies all over. I love being able to take her to do that kind of stuff..

Yesterday I got all craftys' with the girls and we did hand flower pictures for Valentines. I took their hands and put them in red pant and then on the paper. I then painted green stems on each hand to look like a bunch of flowers. They turned out soo cute. Kallie hated to have the paint on her hand. She hates anything like that on her hands. I then gave her the brush and she went to town painting. She didn't want to stop and Sadie just tried to eat it. :) I don't get that cradfty with them often but I think I might more now. Pam (Emily's mom) gave me a great website called and it has tons of ideas for everything!!!! It'll give you a holiday and songs and snacks and craft and all kind of things to do. It's great!!!

Man, I am feeling so BLAH today. I need sunshine!!!! NO more snow. Just lots and lots of sunshine!!!! I just got all of our tax stuff put together and sent with Emily to school for Shawna to give to Dwayne ( the guy who does them for us). I am so glad to get all that off my back. For us for taxes, because I do respite in my home I am considered a buisness so I have alot more stuff to get together. Like cable bills, electric, phone bills, receipts for cleaning supplies for the home and I have to figure out how many hours I had respite in my home. We had 3800 hours of respite in 2007!!! I was explaining it to Logan this morning and we figured that in all of July we only had 72 hours without a respite in the home!!!! WE had a full summer!!!!! If you don't know what respite is it is where I take special needs kids into my home and care for them. The 2 main kids I watch are more severly handicapped with feeding tubes and diapers. By doing this respite and caring for these kids, esp. Emily (i'm sure you'll hear lots about her). I am able to be a stay at home mom. I love being able to stay home and raise my kids and take care of my home. I go to Emily's home 4 nights a week for 2 hours and shower her and get her in bed and then on 2 or more weekends a month or whenever needed Emily comes to my house. I am so thankful for Pam (Em's mom) to have worked with me so that I can take care of Emily and stay home with my girls.

Well, I probably have rambled enough for this first time. :) I better get some other stuff done around the house. :)