Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rainy Nights and Quiet Thoughts

This was from a letter I just got done writing to an old friend and I love the way I started it and it pretty much summed up about life right now. I am to lazy right now to write a whole new entry right now. So I cheated and just put my letter here instead. :) I hope you enjoy!

It's really rainy hard outside tonight. I can hear the splashes from the puddles as the cars drive
by. The girls are tucked cozily in bed for the night and Aaron is out at the new house working. It's only me and the sound of the keys as I type, the running of water from the filter on the fish tank, and occasionally a song I pick randomly from my playlist. I am actually feeling pretty relaxed after the hectic day I had. I can actually breathe without any sniffles at the moment and there is only a slight headache tonight. The headache is telling me that I should probably be in bed instead of sitting on the couch writing this chapter of my life to you, my friends.

Wow not bad for someone whose not a writter. Don't ya think?! ;) lol I coudn't help it with all this talk of chapters I felt that I should beging this one as if I was writing a book. THat was kinda fun maybe I should start all me letters (chapters) to you that way from now on. :) I also decided that it was the fifth chapter just because five is my favorite number, being the fifth child and all. My dad used to say " Number 5 alive!" from the Short Circut movie, when I would finally crawl out of bed on Saturday mornings. :) My mom actually found the movie on dvd and bought it for me. Everytime I watch it I think of my dad. Isn't it funny how certain songs and movies remind you of things? Like everytime I hear the song "7 Nation Army" by the White Stripes I think of "shovel" dancing while camping with my friend Jen. (It's pole dancing just with a shovel. :) lol And the song "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias I think of slow dancing for the first time while at MSU for a 4H thingy. Songs and movies can bring back good memories and sometimes bad but it's always nice to remember.

Today was a hectic day. I watched Shevaun's two boys Ehan who will be 7 tomorrow, and Zander who is 6 weeks older than Sadie. Ehan was pretty good considering the fact that he is majorly ADHD. Zander was the naughty one. He kept fighting with the girls. Kallie doesn't like it when Zander plays with her toys so she always has to try and take them away. :) But he was the one trying to steal toys today. My sister-in-law came over to bake some cookies since her oven is broken and I ran out to get diapers :) and then had to hurry home to make supper so I could eat before I had to go to Emily's. I was late, again, tonight getting to Emily's. I normally try to be there at 6:00 and then I'm usally done by 8:00. Lindsay (sis-in-law) stayed and watched the girls cause Aaron was out at the new house. I got home and Linds had them all ready for bed so at 9:00 I put them to bed and luckily Kallie didn't throw her normal screaming fit. I put in a new Veggie Tale cd in for her so I think that helped her not throw a fit. And now I am just relaxing and writing to you. It's really nice to find some quiet time. Doesn't happen often around here. :)

Yup Shane is really 6"11. I'll have to add a picture of him and Tanya (his girl) on my pictures since I have no idea how to add pictures to this. I know you can I just have no idea how to do it. I think I have a family picture on here too. YOu'll have to check that out too if you haven't already checked them out. I am around 5'10-11" . I remember always making sure I didn't wear heels when we were together.:) I hated being way taller than everybody. NOw I am pretty much the shortest in the family. :) Bryn is now taller than me. lol I just have Kiri and Teaque to go before I am officially the shortest besides Kenan. I love it though. I have started wearing heels alot lately. Aaron is 6'4" so even with heels I am still shorter. It's really nice, I love buying all these cute heels. :) Aaron's not a fan of how my shoe collection is growing :)

( My friend wants to be a chef, if you can't figure that out from this little blurb, and he offered to send me his menu) I would love to see your menu and stuff. I really hope that you one day get to own your own kitchen. You still have many years ahead of you to reach that goal. ( He also is pretty bufff, and dedicated in fitness and nutrition) I am so impressed how dedicatied you are to your working out and your nutrition. I think about working out all the time I just never get around to it. I have a really fun work out video but it kills me when I do it so I hardly do it. I know that if I stay dedicated to it for more than a week it won't kill me but my motivation sucks. I do so good for about a week and then I feel awful cause everyhting hurts and then I just don't do it again. I take the girls for lots of walks in the summer adn the goal for this summer was to rollerblade from the apartment to the end of the pier but now that we are moving even further away I'll just have to come and park over here and then do it. The apartment is in Spring Lake right after St.Mary's Church, so I would have to rollerblade over the bridge and then down to the end of the pier and back. I walked the boardwalk acouple times last year with the girls. I absolutley love it down there and I think that that is what I would miss if I ever moved far away from Grand Haven. I love going down to the pier at night and watch the sun setting over the lake. So gorgeous.

I also love the music at Mars. My favorite part of Sunday mornings is the worship with the singing and praising. If you go to www.musicatmars.com you can hear the songs get the lyrics and even by cds we made during some of the worship times. It's awesome. Dad just volunteers in the Baby area Sunday mornings, he is still doing the crane thing. He just impresses me with all that he does at his age. I know that he's not THAT old but looking at some other dads his age he really has no medical or physical problems that some of the other dads have. He actually went to Rowanda, Africa last September for two weeks with a group from church. He is hoping to be able to go again this year. :) Tabitha is actually in Mississippi right now with a group from church helping with the Katrinia relief. I hope she is having a most amazing time. I have some wongerful memories from when I went to Atlanta on my missions trip with church. Things like that are something that will never leave you and have you craving to do more.
Definitely not 10 kids for me. :) But as to being able to pick the sex, since I already have 2 girls I would definitely want to have a boy. We found out Kallie's sex when I was pergnant with her and I loved knowing I was having a girl and being able to get her room already for her. With Sadie I switched doctors and only had one ultrsound and we didn't know and it drove me crazy! Especially since the girls are only 14 months apart that I wanted a girl so badly. I was stressing about not knowing all 9 months. It was such a relief when they said "It's a girl". I don't really have to worry about boys or girls for awhile though, I am so not planning on having another kids for acouple years. I have my hands full as is right now. :)
Well, I better end this chapter here. This could probably make 2 chapters with all that I wrote tonight. :) I seem to have a way with going on and on. I'm glad that you don't mind. :)
Take care, until the next chapter.Kayt