Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's Been to Long

I haven't been on here in ages. It seems Facebook has taken over for me. :) Lots has happened. We now have 3 goats and 10 chickens! WE are turning into a petting zoo over here. :) I will have pics up as soon as go out and take them. We will be getting pigs this sprig too. The girls are really loving all the animals. They love our 2 new little Pgymy Goat Girls. Ruby and Jade. A mommy and daughter. Goatie is getting along with them okay. They have only been here for 2 days. Goatie is a male Alpie Goat. He is dehorned and castrated. The girls have their horns still and they are so adorable. Alittle shy but they should open up soon as much as the girls are loving on them.
More later, girls are being naughty!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lots Has Happened

Geez! I am really awful on updating this. Sorry Tree. :( It's hard for you to keep up on the Happenings here when I don't ever update. So here's an update.

Lots has happened in the last month and a half. Aaron has been laid off now for two months now. It was only supposed to be two weeks but they still don't have any work in. He's been working with his dad off and on so that's helped alittle. Things are tight but we are surviving.

The weather has been nice lately, on and off, ( gotta love this MI weather ). When we have the warm weather we've been doing some outside work. We did alot of cleaning up around the front yard and the wheelchair ramp. We put in a pretty flowering plant that Aaron's dad got for us. I think it's called a Tulip Tree. We put bricks around it that I found in the back woods. Aaron then put PVC pipe up around the wheelchair ramp between the boards to try and keep the dogs from getting to the tree and to get all wrapped up around the boards.

We also got a slate pool table for free from freecycle that we've put in the basement which has gotten Aaron motivated to start working down there to fix it up. He's been wokring on the bathroom. He had to rip everything out except for the standup shower which he couldn't replace. He was able to get the toilet and a countertop from a remodel job he did with his dad. He also got the drywall from Shawna's leftovers from there house. So it's a piece work job but it works. He's got the toilet back in and the counter and cabinet back in. He just has some trim work that has to be done but at least the toilet and sink works. :)

The girls are doing good. They are being little hooligans right now though!! They are getting into everything and not listening. It is so stressful and hard trying to be calm when dealing with them. Kallie's been spending alot of time in the naughty corner lately. GRRRR So frustrating. Kallie's doing really great in school. We had her first conference last week and they say she's doing really good. Her first week they said she was the most stubbornest kid that they have ever met but once she got the routine of class down she settled in and is doing really good. She is working on riding a trike right now. They say she gets so excited about it. She has a grin the whole time she is on the bike. Grammy Kathy is getting the girls training wheels for thier bikes at home so Kals can start riding at home. THey are so excited.

Sadie is growing like a weed and loving having Daddy at home more. She is so much a Daddy's Girl. She wants daddy to do everything for her. Diaper changes, gettting food, drinks, etc... Only daddy can do it. :) She is just too cute!! Her hair still has all these cutie little curls and she's just so adorable. She is also talking really clearly and is so independant. She also has had acouple little medical issues. Her asthma is doing good but she has a cold right now so it's acting up more. She's been using her inhaler more. She'll come up to me and tell me she's "gweaky" (squeaky). She's learning when she needs it. She also had her second NurseMaidens elbow (dislocated elbow). They say we have to be very careful with her arms now. No hand holding just incase she falls , which is how the second one happened. She just has stretchy ligaments that will cause her elbows to dislocate easily. She now tells people to not pull her arms. :) She's too big for her little britches. Cutie pie!!

We also now have a fourth dog!!!! UGHHH Aaron brought Squirt home Tuesday. Squirt is a 4yr old male chihuahua. We've bred him with Chloe in the past and now his owner didn't want him any longer and just gave him to Aaron. I guess another chihuahua is better than another big dog. I am getting tired of the bigs dogs. THey've been naughty lately. Chevy's been chewing on everything!! Ontop of the kids being hooligans the dogs have been naughty also. I am so wiped out at the end of the day.

So that's our life lately. Full and busy, stressfull, and frustrating, and good. This weekend is supposed to be nice so I am hoping to go to mom and dads for the Dandelion Festival Parade. The girls love parades. So lets hope we can make it!

Time to get to bed. I will really try to get more updates on here!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring is Coming

This weekend was so gorgeous! We spent all day outside today and most of the day yesterday outside. It was so nice for the girls to be able to run around and play. I cleaned up the front yard while the girls played with bikes and strollers. One of their favorite things to do is take the umla strollers and push them around. Sadie will take the toy balls and buckle them into the stoller and just push them all over the yard. Kallie was cruising around the yard on her Dora quad almost the whole time. It was just so nice to be outside. I was tired of being all cooped up inside and I know the girls were going stir crazy.

Today we spent ALL day outside. It was about mid 50's out and sun all day. We all went to church this morning and then when we got home we all changed in to grubby clothes and headed outside. ( We just started going to a new church called The Journey. Aaron's mom has been going there and Aarons Aunt and Uncle go there. ) Aaron and I cleaned up the back yard from all the leaves we never got to before it got cold. It was quite the chore. It took us acouple hours and the girls were playing on the swings and playing in the sand piles. I also start to make a path in the front of the house with broken cement. We have a cement sidewalk that goes from the front deck all the way down to the driveway but we mostly always walk the front and around the side to the back of the house. There was no longer any grass there since we walk it so much I figured I should do something. There was a huge pile of broken up cement on the path between our house and Aarons mom's so I might as well put that to good use. :) I've got a good portion of it down but I still have more to go . I plan on working on it more tomorrow. It's supposed to be most of the week. High of 60' on Tuesday. Lots more outside time! I am so exhausted right now. My feet, hands and back are sore. It was a long hard day but it was a nice day!
Time for me to call it quits for now. More soon! (Sorry no pics, Tabitha still has my camera :( )
Love ya!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's About Time

All ready for school!

Geez! I am being really awful on keeping this thing updated. Shame on me. Shawna "yelled" at me yesterday for not updating in 2 months. I'm sorry :( I'll try to be better.

Lots has happened in the last two months. Kallie is now going to school! She started this Monday. She is so excited. It has taken me almost all the school year to get her in. I started at Spring Lake in October to get her in for speech and after her second visit in January we realize that we now live in Fruitport district and she can't go to Spring Lake for Speech. GRRR!!! So I then had to start all over at Fruitport. They do a more extensive meeting stuff than at Spring Lake. I had 2 meetings with them in Febuary to check Kallies speech and then last week I went in on Wednesday to set up an IEP ( Individualized Education Plan). It's pretty much saying that she needs the extra help than being in a regular ed class. This will be for the next whole year. So she is all set to go back in the fall when school resumes.

Not to happy to get on the bus.

She is actually in a preschool class that teaches all the same stuff that a regular ed preschool would be doing. This class just has 2 parapros (helpers) and they have group speech therapy and also music thereapy. The kids that need the extra help, like Kallie, will get pulled out and does one-on-one speech with the speech therapist. The teacher and speech therapist decided they probably wouldn't do lots with Kallies speech for the remainder of the year but work on her getting comfortable in the class and used to everything. She will still get group speech though.

Kallies first day was Monday and she was so excited. On Thursday Aaron and I with the girls, went and visited her class so she was alittle prepared. We also went and picked her up a new backpack. That was what she was most excited about. Also her "homework". :) She has a notebook that she will write in and says is her "homework". It's so cute.

Not so sure of the bus yet.

Kallie couldn't wait for the bus to get here on Monday. She is going to afternoon preschool so the bus comes at around 11:20. School is Monday through Thursday. Grandma Kathy came and watched her get on the bus for the first time. Once the bus got here Kallie was scared. SHe started crying. I helped her get buckled and got her all situated and got off the bus. SHe came home at around 4:20 and they said that she had a good day. Tuesday se just walked up on the bus and sat in a seat. No more being scared. She loves going to school. Sadie wants to go now.

Getting off the bus.

The afternoons are so different for me now. Sadie is still napping ( well not today :), so I have alittle time to myself again. I've been cleaning so Aaron is happy with that. I am going to try and work out acouple times a week now that I have some free time. Aaron just laughs at me when I say that. I don't have much motivation to work out. So we'll see how that goes. :)
Well thats all the time I have for today. So I will try my hardest to get more on tomorrow. Love you!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Sadie Day

January 1st for us is Sadie's birthday or Happy Sadie Day. This year she was really into singing "Happy Sadie". We had cake, that she helped make, at supper and then on Sunday the 4th we had the Grandpa and Grandma's over for a Happy Sadie Party.

~Sadie helped decorate her birthday cake, the family one. ~

~Sadie and her cake on party day~

We all just hung out and had cake and ice cream and Sadie got to open her presents. Her very favorite was her new "big girl" bed. Aarons mom and step-dad went and got her a new matteress, since we already had a frame. They also got her new bedding and the Veggie Tales Pirate movie. :) Daddy had to put the bed all together for her so that she could have it that night. She was just soo excited over it. She slept all night in it too. We didnt' have to pull her out of Kallie's bed. She still talks about her big girls bed. SHe is just so proud of it.

~ Snuggled in her new "big girl" bed and princess blankets~

~ I now have 2 almost matching day beds in the girls' room~

I can't believe how fast the girls are growing. I never thought that I would have 2 twin beds in their room already! I figured I had awhile before that would happen. Kallie is potty-trained now and Sadie is trying her hardest. She want's to be a big girl so bad. I wish that they would stay little forever. :)

~Each girl with their favorite puppy~

I've been crocheting the girls food for the kitchen set lately and I finally took a picture of my craftiness. :) So far they have 2 cupcakes, 2 ice cream cones, 2 couliflours, they had 2 broccoli's until Mya got one, 2 oreo cookies, 2 popcorns, and a bag of chips. Cheve got a hold of one of the chips so I think that there are only 7 now. The chips and bag are one of my favorites, I also love the broccoli and couliflours. They turned out so cute. Tabitha is supposed to be sending me over some more scrap yarns since I am running low. I've been having fun creating these fun foods for the girls and watching them play with them. I can't wait to make more.

THe girls LOVE their kitchen! Kallie was using pennies to "cook" with today. SHe would put them in a cup or bowl and stir them around. Silly girl!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

I can't belive that it is 2009 already!! And today is also special for us because it is also Sadie's birthday! She's 2 already!! Time sure goes by so fast. I remember coming home at 2am from a New Years get togther at Aaron's sisters and climbing into bed and having my water break and Sadie made her presence 5 hours later. She was 2 weeks early so it was a total surprise. I remember Aaron running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to grab the stuff we needed to head to the hospital. Sadie was just ready to come now! She is still that way. It is Sadie's way and Sadie's time or nothing. She is so independant and has to do everything herself. I hear "NO ME" many times a day.

Today we are just relaxing at home. Kiri was alittle sweetheart and got up with the girls this morning (she spent the night so Aaron and I could go out), and let Aaron and I sleep in. She is such a big help with the girls when she is over. Aaron went to one of his coworkers to get some more wood for our wood furnace. The girls and I just played with their new kitchen set and I worked on crocheting more food for their kitchen. We are almost ready to eat here soon. Aaron is cooking Brats out on the grill and Sadie helped me make her a birthday cake we can have for dessert. We've been singing Happy Birthday to Sadie all day too. Sadie will now sing Happy Sadie. :)

I am really hoping to keep up with this more. I love reading Trees blog (my sister-in-law) and following up on their life and this way she can keep up on our lives too.

Happy New Year and Happy Sadie!!
Love you all!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall and Aaron's Birthday Surprise

Hey Everybody!
Here are some pictures of the girls playing in the leaves last week. It was so nice out last week I got most of the front yard raked. It stinks having a huge yard when it comes to raking leaves. I spent hours out there and only got a small chunk in the front done. We have a ton of leaves. Then the weather had to turn yucky and I haven't been able to get back out there. Aaron got a little part of the back yard last night but it didn't even make much of a dent. The girls had a blast playing in them though. They had me rake a big pile and they would play in it for alittle bit and then make me rake it all back up again. They were so cute and they had so much fun!

Today is Aaron's birthday. Big 31. His sister and my brother and Aaron's buddy came over some time during the night and teepeed our yard. Plus it was raining last night so it's a big wet TP messy yard. They got the front really good. THere is TP everywhere. Not alot in the trees because of the rain but it did leave remnants in the branches. THey also took Instant Mashed Potatoes and wrote 31 in the driveway and in the yard with the flakes. Poor Aaron. His sister got him last year by writing in those car markers all over all the windows on both our vehicles. She covered them with a bunch of 30's and Honk and Wave Aaron's 30 today. She got both the vehicles so that it didn't matter which one he took to work they were both covered. He's got to plan something good for her birthday this year. He didn't retaliate last year. He's got to get her this year. I'm hoping to put some pics of it up but my computer is not letting me upload pictures right now. I'll get them up as soon as it will let me.

Happy Birthday Aaron!