Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Been Awhile

Hey Everybody!
I am still here and alive :) It's just been so busy with the move and then getting settled in and we don't have internet at home yet so I am using WI-Fi where ever I can. I am at the library right now. I just got done cleaning for Serendipity. I have been doing alot of cleaning for them lately. I go atleast twice a week and I did three days last week.

We are having a house warming party on June 14th if any of you peeps want to come. I am going to be sending out invites this weekend. I am not sure yet about the time exactly but it'll probably be about 6ish. We are going to grill and then have a bonfire and Aunt Patti and Uncle Terri are bringing fireworks. :) They made a trip to Indiana for the party fireworks, so they'll be great.

I am going to post some house pictures here soon. I know I said I would do it already but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I still have to upload a bunch to the computer first.

The girls are doing great. I think that I have finally gotten them healthy again. They both had runny noses and counghs. I was sick all last week with severe headaches and runny nose and I am feeling alittle bit better. The headaches aren't as severe so far this week so hopefully I am getting over whatever nasty bug I had.

I am so glad that the weather is warming up. It is starting to almost feel like summer. I can finally let the girls outside to play and not have to worry about them getting colds and getting sick. They love to be outside, esp.Sadie. I can't ever get her back inside. :) She loves to take tractor rides through the woods and anywhere.

Well, I gotta jet, gotta go releave my sitter.
Love yas!