Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall and Aaron's Birthday Surprise

Hey Everybody!
Here are some pictures of the girls playing in the leaves last week. It was so nice out last week I got most of the front yard raked. It stinks having a huge yard when it comes to raking leaves. I spent hours out there and only got a small chunk in the front done. We have a ton of leaves. Then the weather had to turn yucky and I haven't been able to get back out there. Aaron got a little part of the back yard last night but it didn't even make much of a dent. The girls had a blast playing in them though. They had me rake a big pile and they would play in it for alittle bit and then make me rake it all back up again. They were so cute and they had so much fun!

Today is Aaron's birthday. Big 31. His sister and my brother and Aaron's buddy came over some time during the night and teepeed our yard. Plus it was raining last night so it's a big wet TP messy yard. They got the front really good. THere is TP everywhere. Not alot in the trees because of the rain but it did leave remnants in the branches. THey also took Instant Mashed Potatoes and wrote 31 in the driveway and in the yard with the flakes. Poor Aaron. His sister got him last year by writing in those car markers all over all the windows on both our vehicles. She covered them with a bunch of 30's and Honk and Wave Aaron's 30 today. She got both the vehicles so that it didn't matter which one he took to work they were both covered. He's got to plan something good for her birthday this year. He didn't retaliate last year. He's got to get her this year. I'm hoping to put some pics of it up but my computer is not letting me upload pictures right now. I'll get them up as soon as it will let me.

Happy Birthday Aaron!