Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's Been to Long

I haven't been on here in ages. It seems Facebook has taken over for me. :) Lots has happened. We now have 3 goats and 10 chickens! WE are turning into a petting zoo over here. :) I will have pics up as soon as go out and take them. We will be getting pigs this sprig too. The girls are really loving all the animals. They love our 2 new little Pgymy Goat Girls. Ruby and Jade. A mommy and daughter. Goatie is getting along with them okay. They have only been here for 2 days. Goatie is a male Alpie Goat. He is dehorned and castrated. The girls have their horns still and they are so adorable. Alittle shy but they should open up soon as much as the girls are loving on them.
More later, girls are being naughty!