Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring is Coming

This weekend was so gorgeous! We spent all day outside today and most of the day yesterday outside. It was so nice for the girls to be able to run around and play. I cleaned up the front yard while the girls played with bikes and strollers. One of their favorite things to do is take the umla strollers and push them around. Sadie will take the toy balls and buckle them into the stoller and just push them all over the yard. Kallie was cruising around the yard on her Dora quad almost the whole time. It was just so nice to be outside. I was tired of being all cooped up inside and I know the girls were going stir crazy.

Today we spent ALL day outside. It was about mid 50's out and sun all day. We all went to church this morning and then when we got home we all changed in to grubby clothes and headed outside. ( We just started going to a new church called The Journey. Aaron's mom has been going there and Aarons Aunt and Uncle go there. ) Aaron and I cleaned up the back yard from all the leaves we never got to before it got cold. It was quite the chore. It took us acouple hours and the girls were playing on the swings and playing in the sand piles. I also start to make a path in the front of the house with broken cement. We have a cement sidewalk that goes from the front deck all the way down to the driveway but we mostly always walk the front and around the side to the back of the house. There was no longer any grass there since we walk it so much I figured I should do something. There was a huge pile of broken up cement on the path between our house and Aarons mom's so I might as well put that to good use. :) I've got a good portion of it down but I still have more to go . I plan on working on it more tomorrow. It's supposed to be most of the week. High of 60' on Tuesday. Lots more outside time! I am so exhausted right now. My feet, hands and back are sore. It was a long hard day but it was a nice day!
Time for me to call it quits for now. More soon! (Sorry no pics, Tabitha still has my camera :( )
Love ya!


kenan and tree said...

Love those days that are spent entirely outside!! We are finally starting to warm up here too. Miss you guys!