Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Sadie Day

January 1st for us is Sadie's birthday or Happy Sadie Day. This year she was really into singing "Happy Sadie". We had cake, that she helped make, at supper and then on Sunday the 4th we had the Grandpa and Grandma's over for a Happy Sadie Party.

~Sadie helped decorate her birthday cake, the family one. ~

~Sadie and her cake on party day~

We all just hung out and had cake and ice cream and Sadie got to open her presents. Her very favorite was her new "big girl" bed. Aarons mom and step-dad went and got her a new matteress, since we already had a frame. They also got her new bedding and the Veggie Tales Pirate movie. :) Daddy had to put the bed all together for her so that she could have it that night. She was just soo excited over it. She slept all night in it too. We didnt' have to pull her out of Kallie's bed. She still talks about her big girls bed. SHe is just so proud of it.

~ Snuggled in her new "big girl" bed and princess blankets~

~ I now have 2 almost matching day beds in the girls' room~

I can't believe how fast the girls are growing. I never thought that I would have 2 twin beds in their room already! I figured I had awhile before that would happen. Kallie is potty-trained now and Sadie is trying her hardest. She want's to be a big girl so bad. I wish that they would stay little forever. :)

~Each girl with their favorite puppy~

I've been crocheting the girls food for the kitchen set lately and I finally took a picture of my craftiness. :) So far they have 2 cupcakes, 2 ice cream cones, 2 couliflours, they had 2 broccoli's until Mya got one, 2 oreo cookies, 2 popcorns, and a bag of chips. Cheve got a hold of one of the chips so I think that there are only 7 now. The chips and bag are one of my favorites, I also love the broccoli and couliflours. They turned out so cute. Tabitha is supposed to be sending me over some more scrap yarns since I am running low. I've been having fun creating these fun foods for the girls and watching them play with them. I can't wait to make more.

THe girls LOVE their kitchen! Kallie was using pennies to "cook" with today. SHe would put them in a cup or bowl and stir them around. Silly girl!


kenan and tree said...

Happy Sadie Day!

i could have sworn i already comment on this post, but maybe not. lol. :) Great pictures! The girls are getting so big! You did a great job with the crocheted foods, i love the chips! Very cute! i've been crocheting chocolate dipped strawberries :)