Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!

I can't belive that it is 2009 already!! And today is also special for us because it is also Sadie's birthday! She's 2 already!! Time sure goes by so fast. I remember coming home at 2am from a New Years get togther at Aaron's sisters and climbing into bed and having my water break and Sadie made her presence 5 hours later. She was 2 weeks early so it was a total surprise. I remember Aaron running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to grab the stuff we needed to head to the hospital. Sadie was just ready to come now! She is still that way. It is Sadie's way and Sadie's time or nothing. She is so independant and has to do everything herself. I hear "NO ME" many times a day.

Today we are just relaxing at home. Kiri was alittle sweetheart and got up with the girls this morning (she spent the night so Aaron and I could go out), and let Aaron and I sleep in. She is such a big help with the girls when she is over. Aaron went to one of his coworkers to get some more wood for our wood furnace. The girls and I just played with their new kitchen set and I worked on crocheting more food for their kitchen. We are almost ready to eat here soon. Aaron is cooking Brats out on the grill and Sadie helped me make her a birthday cake we can have for dessert. We've been singing Happy Birthday to Sadie all day too. Sadie will now sing Happy Sadie. :)

I am really hoping to keep up with this more. I love reading Trees blog (my sister-in-law) and following up on their life and this way she can keep up on our lives too.

Happy New Year and Happy Sadie!!
Love you all!!


kenan and tree said...

Yay! a new post! :) Love all the new pictures on the left side of the page. Happy Birthday Sadie!