Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lots Has Happened

Geez! I am really awful on updating this. Sorry Tree. :( It's hard for you to keep up on the Happenings here when I don't ever update. So here's an update.

Lots has happened in the last month and a half. Aaron has been laid off now for two months now. It was only supposed to be two weeks but they still don't have any work in. He's been working with his dad off and on so that's helped alittle. Things are tight but we are surviving.

The weather has been nice lately, on and off, ( gotta love this MI weather ). When we have the warm weather we've been doing some outside work. We did alot of cleaning up around the front yard and the wheelchair ramp. We put in a pretty flowering plant that Aaron's dad got for us. I think it's called a Tulip Tree. We put bricks around it that I found in the back woods. Aaron then put PVC pipe up around the wheelchair ramp between the boards to try and keep the dogs from getting to the tree and to get all wrapped up around the boards.

We also got a slate pool table for free from freecycle that we've put in the basement which has gotten Aaron motivated to start working down there to fix it up. He's been wokring on the bathroom. He had to rip everything out except for the standup shower which he couldn't replace. He was able to get the toilet and a countertop from a remodel job he did with his dad. He also got the drywall from Shawna's leftovers from there house. So it's a piece work job but it works. He's got the toilet back in and the counter and cabinet back in. He just has some trim work that has to be done but at least the toilet and sink works. :)

The girls are doing good. They are being little hooligans right now though!! They are getting into everything and not listening. It is so stressful and hard trying to be calm when dealing with them. Kallie's been spending alot of time in the naughty corner lately. GRRRR So frustrating. Kallie's doing really great in school. We had her first conference last week and they say she's doing really good. Her first week they said she was the most stubbornest kid that they have ever met but once she got the routine of class down she settled in and is doing really good. She is working on riding a trike right now. They say she gets so excited about it. She has a grin the whole time she is on the bike. Grammy Kathy is getting the girls training wheels for thier bikes at home so Kals can start riding at home. THey are so excited.

Sadie is growing like a weed and loving having Daddy at home more. She is so much a Daddy's Girl. She wants daddy to do everything for her. Diaper changes, gettting food, drinks, etc... Only daddy can do it. :) She is just too cute!! Her hair still has all these cutie little curls and she's just so adorable. She is also talking really clearly and is so independant. She also has had acouple little medical issues. Her asthma is doing good but she has a cold right now so it's acting up more. She's been using her inhaler more. She'll come up to me and tell me she's "gweaky" (squeaky). She's learning when she needs it. She also had her second NurseMaidens elbow (dislocated elbow). They say we have to be very careful with her arms now. No hand holding just incase she falls , which is how the second one happened. She just has stretchy ligaments that will cause her elbows to dislocate easily. She now tells people to not pull her arms. :) She's too big for her little britches. Cutie pie!!

We also now have a fourth dog!!!! UGHHH Aaron brought Squirt home Tuesday. Squirt is a 4yr old male chihuahua. We've bred him with Chloe in the past and now his owner didn't want him any longer and just gave him to Aaron. I guess another chihuahua is better than another big dog. I am getting tired of the bigs dogs. THey've been naughty lately. Chevy's been chewing on everything!! Ontop of the kids being hooligans the dogs have been naughty also. I am so wiped out at the end of the day.

So that's our life lately. Full and busy, stressfull, and frustrating, and good. This weekend is supposed to be nice so I am hoping to go to mom and dads for the Dandelion Festival Parade. The girls love parades. So lets hope we can make it!

Time to get to bed. I will really try to get more updates on here!!